How To Clean Out And Repurpose Your Candle Jar

Our friends over at Reset & Co helped us put together some really great tips and tricks on how to clean out your favorite candle jars for reuse later on! 

One of our favorite things about Reset is their sustainability model and their love for the environment. Their candles are made with Coconut-Soy wax, which is a softer wax that provides a cleaner burn than most soy and paraffin wax candles on the market, and also allows for easy cleaning. They also utilize wooden wicks in their candles, which hold so many benefits and contribute to decreased production of environmental toxins.

Tips on Cleaning Out Your Candle Jar

So let’s talk a bit about how to clean out your jar for reuse once you’ve completed the last burn of your favorite candle. We found out it’s actually much simpler to clean out than we thought! All you really need is one of two options: a source of heat or a source of cold. Yep…that’s it! We recommend either of the below options for a smooth clean:

  • Pour boiling water into the jar leaving an inch of space at the top, let the wax float up, then let cool and remove 
  • Place the candle in the freezer overnight and then flip upside down and let the wax pop out

The above options will work great for candles that have been sitting for a few days after their last burn. However, if you’ve got some time after finishing your last candle burn and you’d like to clean it out then, you can let it cool and then take a paper towel and scoop out the remaining wax. The wick should easily pop off and the wick sticker should come undone when you scoop the wax out. Once you’ve cleaned out all the wax, you can follow up with cleaning the vessel with alcohol and then soap and water to finish the process. 

Now you’re ready to reuse your vessel! 

Suggested Ways to Reuse Your Vessel

If you’re interested in keeping your vessel and reusing it in other ways, see below for a list of some of our suggested ways to do so:

  • Potting herbs or smaller plants for indoor or small space gardens
  • Pen/Pencil holders for dorms, home offices, or everyday use
  • Bathroom supply holders (Q-tips, cotton balls, toothbrushes/toothpaste, etc.)
  • Hair supply holders (brushes, hair ties, etc.)
  • Add a tealight (real or fake) to light up any room

If you really love your jar as a candle jar versus a repurposed vessel, Reset & Co will discount your next candle purchase and reuse your vessel if you ship it back to them. How awesome is that! For more information on what this process looks like, contact their customer service team and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have around this!

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