All You Need To Know About Contractor Matching Process Of Pulled

Your project’s success depends on having a good contractor and service provider. That’s why we work so hard to find the best contractors and providers for you to work with. You can contact us if you need a service or are ready to start a project. Our rigorous matching process allows us to match contractors to homeowners based on the unique details of the project.

Here’s how we do it…


We find the best match by starting with sorting our contractor network based on specific project details. These comprise location, time frame, and scope, to identify a base of potential partners for a new project or service. This ensures that your contractor has the experience in the area and the technical skills to deliver the best result.

We look at things such as past project performance and prioritize contractors with the highest project ratings. Projects are paired with contractors that have a history of satisfactory delivery. And each contractor’s performance is evaluated at the end of every project. This helps ensure that they maintain a best-in-class standard of work.

Finally, we contact eligible contractors to determine who is the best fit for your project. We take into account their schedules and your project’s timeline. By taking bandwidth into account, we forecast timelines to help ensure a manageable workload and efficient schedule. If your timeline changes or we identify unique requirements for your project, we may need to identify a new partner or work with both parties to accommodate another start date.


Once we’ve determined a match, we connect with the contractor and homeowner virtually or in person. While your provider will be a primary partner in making your project a success and you will work directly with them to address any questions or concerns that arise during the project, we are here every step of the way, providing support and helping all parties communicate with the least amount of misunderstandings.


You may be wonder how we decide the price, and how you know you have the best rate for your particular project or service. While we work with our partners to achieve the lowest price for every project without compromising quality, every project and circumstance is different, and therefore our goal is to ensure the best possible outcomes for the price. For example, if a home is custom built and many of the elements require special labor and materials, service and project fees may be higher than the standard price. Additionally, if a project is time-sensitive, fees may be higher than standard delivery times. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce the advertising spend for providers, allowing them to pass on these savings to clients so that they get the best price while saving time and headaches of finding a provider themselves.


After each project is complete, we rely on homeowners and contractors to provide feedback about their experience. This feedback helps both parties continuously improve, celebrates their successes, and ensures every project has a great outcome.

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