Use Tech To Manage Home Service Providers

Our home management platform, Pulled, allows homeowners and renters to manage and pay their home service providers remotely. Now your gardener, housekeeper, pest control service, and more can be easily managed through an electronic platform, providing anyone the option of having home maintenance and repair services performed, with contactless management, to cut down on contact with checks, cash, shared screens, or cards which are some of the germiest items around.

San Francisco–based home maintenance company Sheltr has developed a service to help people remotely, by offering them access to free guided video calls to resolve plumbing, electrical, and HVAC difficulties over the phone. Once you set up an appointment online, one of the company’s experts will help you troubleshoot your matter virtually.

Have Protective Coverings Available

You can buy a box of shoe covers, latex gloves, and face masks at your local hardware store, to supply to your home service providers when they arrive to service your home. Shoe covers will ensure that any debris carried from job to job do not end up in your home, while disposable gloves and masks will ensure that airborne pathogens are not easily transferred when work is being performed.

Create Staging Areas For Workers

While it may have been easy to allow work to be performed with tools and materials left in different areas of the home, now is a good time to create a staging area where all the materials and tools that are needed for a project can be placed. This will ensure that there is less disruption to your home and that there is less opportunity for exposure of pathogens. It’s also a great idea to create an outdoor space where things can be washed and cleaned without using indoor sinks.

Create Proper Ventilation In The Workspace

A good thing to do in any work environment is to ensure there is proper ventilation, by opening doors and windows and allowing air flow. You can also set up an air purifier to ensure that the air that circulates is staying clean.

Communicate With Your Service Providers

Ask your home maintenance services if they’ve had anyone on their team out sick recently or experience symptoms of COVID 19. See if you can Facetime or Zoom with them prior to a service call, to describe your issue or service request, helping them spend the least amount of time walking through your home and talking about the different options available. The more this can be done over the phone before your service appointment, the better.

Replace Air and Water Filters

Your air filter helps capture allergens and pathogens like pollen and dust and ensures your heating and air system has consistent air flow to prevent breakdowns and ensure clean air circulation. According to a recent study from the Illinois Institute of Technology, by Dr. Brent Stephens, increasing the MERV rating of your air filter can result in decreased risk of contraction of the tested infectious diseases. While using a MERV 13 air filter will not make you immune to the flu or other viral infections, according to the study, it can decrease the odds of you and your family catching them in your home. The study can be found here.

MERV 13 filters are estimated to catch up to 87% of virus-carrying particles, compared to a mere 11% by fiberglass filters. Additionally, its best to check and replace the filters in commonly used appliances, such as water filters in your fridge, to keep them free of debris and working properly. By doing these two simple task, you can ensure your family is staying healthy and your service needs are minimal.

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