Realtors Advice For Buying And Selling House

How Realtors Can Stay On Top Of Home Buying Changes

Covid-19 has transformed everything, with nearly everyone in the world. With so much uncertainty happening at once, real estate has become a major concern. For realtors struggling to navigate this complex market and provide guidance to homeowners during this difficult time, we have the solution! Our home platform allows realtors the opportunity to connect and communicate with homeowners like never before. It gives them the ability to offer tips and ideas for homeowners who are struggling in this uncertain market.

Our platform provides realtors with custom profiles and the opportunity to produce content. These topics are like maintaining a home, how to get the best return on investment for a renovation project, or how to sell the house. Below are some great ideas for how realtors can help homeowners navigate this challenging time.

Provide Guidance On Maintaining A Home

Homeowners need guidance now more than ever. With so many changes happening from kids doing school at home to parents working from home, maintenance and repairs are going to have astronomical costs.

Pulled allows realtors the ability to provide ideas around how to save on maintenance costs or when to do preventative maintenance,.

Advise On The Best Returns For Renovation Projects

Homeowners often struggle with knowing what the return on investment is for many of their renovation projects. Or how they can maximize return while balancing this with their personal lifestyle preferences.

Pulled provides a perfect opportunity for realtors to indulge with projects in the planning and design stage. They get to provide guidance to ensure updation of project comps and budgets consider returns on investment. That allows them to make decisions if the additional expense beyond the return opportunity is warranted for the upgraded lifestyle choice.

Homeowners are confused when they need to sell or will be ready to sell with rapid lifestyle changes. Covid-19 has proven to be a major challenge, with many looking at their financial options more than ever.

Provide Tips For Getting A House Ready For Sale

Unexpected job conditions, a growing family, and other factors can sometimes put added pressure on moving choices. Homeowners need advice on what they need to do to get their homes ready for sale.

Some of these items can be done quickly, like hardware and lighting updates, interior, exterior painting, while others are more time-consuming.

By using a platform like Pulled, realtors can provide tips throughout the year, on-demand advice in uncertain times, and a comprehensive understanding of best practices.

Collaborate To Add Value

Selling a home can sometimes feel like a juggling contest, with so many things happening at once. Scheduling contractors to do updates, ensuring inspection items are complete, and coordinating movers, can be daunting for so many homeowners. Realtors can capitalize on this opportunity through the power guidance on everything. From choosing the right service provider to which updates make the most sense and how to do staging. There are often awkward rooms or spaces that buyers have a hard time visualizing. This allows realtors the opportunity to work with homeowners, contractors, and stagers to show buyers that things like garages can become very useful additional spaces, when converted into a Junior ADU or home office, for example.

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