The start of a new decade is an exciting time for choosing colors of the year, which is why we believe 2020 is a year that will have some of the best color options. With design lovers restlessly waiting for the top picks to be revealed, we had to get the colors that would dominate this year and for that answer we turned to interior designer Gabriela Gargano, for her best prediction. With everything happening in the world at the moment, Gabriela predicts a neutral color will dominate. Her choice: Taupe! Read on to find out all of the ways Taupe will be used in our spaces in 2020!

More Interesting Alternative To White

According to Gabriela, Taupe has replaced grey as the new neutral. It’s great for just about anything, but we really love using it for cabinetry as a softer, more interesting alternative to white. 

Courtesy of Gabriela Gargano

Versatile As A Primary

Gabriela says, we love it as a primary color, as it works so well with anything, from rich tones to bright whites. Truly anything works well with taupe! We love a crisp white or rich green jewel tone. 

Courtesy of Gabriela Gargano

A Strong Foundation To Rich Materials

Bronze, Unlacquered Brass, Breccia Capraia Marble and Danish Oiled Oak all work really beautifully together, says Gabriela. 

Courtesy of Gabriela Gargano
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