As the day winds down and you get ready to tuck in after a long day at work or school, there’s one room that becomes the heart of the home: your bedroom. If you’re recovering from a cold or flu, had a long day at work, or long commute home, there’s nothing quite like retreating to your haven for a little rest and relaxation. Because this is such an important space in our home, we wanted to get the best ideas for making the bedroom, your most cozy space. We consulted with three amazing designers, Tina Rich, Cortney Bishop, and Pippa Lee, to share their thoughts for the best space to retreat to when the day has been a little tough. These tips will ensure you’ll never want to leave! Enjoy!

Style Your Bed

I’m not a huge fan of a canopy, mainly because my aesthetic is a bit more laid back but prefer to keep it simple with a headboard, gorgeous linen bedding, and soft rug underneath for the most cozy bedroom setting. – Tina Rich

Courtesy of Tina Rich

Create Intimate Spaces

You can keep a larger bedroom still intimate by creating a different seating and sleeping area. It is possible to create a small living space with a sofa, coffee table, and rug or a reading nook with a chair and great floor lamp.  You can easily designate different zones with area rugs. – Tina Rich

Courtesy of Tina Rich

Avoid Stimulating Colors

I avoid colors that are really stimulating in the bedroom (reds, yellows, or anything very bright) and usually stick with a neutral color palette of grey, beige, and woods. I LOVE a moody bedroom with dark navy, charcoal, or aubergine walls and would paint everything (walls, ceilings, moldings) the same, creating a cocoon of color. – Tina Rich

Choose Lightweight Linen And Layer

Comfort is key! I love lightweight linen that works for both warmer and cooler months, and that gets softer and softer with every wash. If I’m doing a white duvet, I like to do a bit darker sheets underneath to hide some of the inevitable dirt. – Tina Rich

It’s often the last layer, but certainly a puzzle to tackle.  The goal is for your bed to call you in vs. an uptight, perfectly made bed. We bring in ALL the options, and place and pull blankets and pillows on repeat until the layers feel just right and cozy. – Cortney Bishop Design

Courtesy of Cortney Bishop

Create Several Lighting Options

Bedrooms should have several light sources on dimmers so there are options. You might need very little lighting in the morning, but want full-strength overhead lighting if you happen to be getting ready in the evening, and you might turn on just the sconces before you head to bed. – Tina Rich

Our internal body clocks (also known as our circadian rhythm) need darkness and controlled lighting. Remove blue-light sources and invest in good-quality curtains or blinds. – Pippa Lee

Keep Things Simple

I like to keep bedrooms super minimal creating a sanctuary for sleep. I don’t think they need more than a great bed, bedding, side tables, and a rug. And MAYBE some art… – Tina Rich

We use the ‘CBD pillow formula’ to create depth and coziness. First, nail the sleeping pillows (4 king pillows for king beds, 4 standards for queens), and then layer on a pair of custom-made shams and a toss pillow. We call our custom shams “Dutch Euros” – for a king, the sham is the length of a king pillow and the height of a Euro; for a queen, the sham is the length of standard pillow and height of a Euro.  Consider yourself in the know! – Cortney Bishop Design

Courtesy of Cortney Bishop

Bring In Plants

If the room is large enough, I like to introduce a simple house plant to filter the air. Plants such as the peach lily or snake plant are my go-to’s as they are super low maintenance and I advise clients to keep the soil on the drier side to reduce the potential for airborne mold. – Pippa Lee

Courtesy of Space Exploration

Go Organic

Easily the most important pieces of furniture in the bedroom is the mattress and bedding. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so invest in a good non-toxic mattress (think of the cost per sleep when you lie on it every night for 8-10 years!). There are some great healthy mattresses out there, but essentially I suggest swapping out any old, chemically ridden mattresses and bedding for a new organic mattress and linens: look for natural latex, organic fabrics and untreated wool. Also, when furnishing the room, choose non-toxic furniture; solid wood is the best investment for dressers, bed frames (avoid metal and overly ornate bed frames), and other furniture. Hence’ bringing serenity with sanitation in your cozy bedroom – Pippa Lee

Courtesy of Pippa Lee
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