To complete any well-styled home, window treatments are often one of the most overlooked, hardest, and most expensive features that deserve much more attention. We wanted to shed some more light on these essential components for a completed look to your space, which is why we asked our amazing window covering expert, Haley Weidenbaum, all about how to choose the best window treatment for your space. With years of design experience, a flawless sense of style, and an amazing company that creates custom window coverings, we couldn’t think of a better person for the task.  

P.S. Don’t plan your window treatments without reading this!

How should we choose coverings based on our design aesthetic?  

Window coverings should complement the style of your home. It should integrate seamlessly with the existing architecture of your home and feel like a part of the overall design. You can learn more modern or more traditional depending upon the fabrics and patterns you choose as well as the style of window treatment. For instance, choosing ball finial drapery hardware and matching it with French pleat drapery is a more traditional look, whereas right angle or curved return hardware and box pleat drapery is a more contemporary look.

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How do you choose the right colors and fabrics? Is it best to contrast from the textures and colors in your space or compliment them?

When it comes to window treatment color, you want to think classic and timeless. Custom window treatments are expensive but they can last for twenty years or more. So you don’t want to choose something you’re going to get tired of and want to replace in two years, long before the useful life of the product has been reached. You’ll want to steer clear of loud patterns or bright colors. It’s better to stick with a more neutral palette, insulating yourself from ephemeral trends and styles. When choosing fabric for window treatments, it’s important to keep in mind the fabric’s weight. You want to choose a lighter-weight fabric like cotton or linen. These fabrics are airy, free-flowing, and make your space seem more open and contemporary.

When it comes to draperies, how do you ensure they always stay fresh?

Regular dusting and some light vacuuming with the brush-tipped wand should become a part of the regular cleaning habits of your home. Vacuuming your drapes every week not only keeps them clean and sheen but can also help ease allergy symptoms. If for some reason your drapery or shades become stained you can try to spot clean them with a damp chamois cloth. When all else fails, professional dry cleaning is the best way to go.

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How should you go about choosing hardware?

At Everhem we have made it simple by offering 3 styles of hardware in 3 finishes. So when it comes to choosing hardware there are two decisions you need to make: style and color. I start with style. We provide 3 custom designs: Curved French Return, Right Angle French Return, and Classic Ball Finial. Each one is slightly different in design and each one speaks to specific types of homes. For example, the curved return is best in Spanish-style homes, while the right angle return is more modern, and the ball finial leans more traditional. You really can’t go wrong when choosing any of our hardware styles.

Next is the finish. We recommend that your hardware finish should match the door or window hardware in your home. This is the rule but sometimes there are exceptions to the rule. For example, antique brass is not a very common door or window finish but if you tend to have other brass finishes in your home (like your light fixtures or faucets) then brass is the right choice. 

How can the right window treatment be used to make your space feel more updated and fresh?

A room without window treatments is not a fully designed space. It’s often that last finishing touch that makes the room feel complete. Often it can frame windows and make spaces feel grander, while also providing light filtration and privacy. For many windows and rooms, it’s an absolute necessity.

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