Believe it or not, window treatments are a major frustration for most people. Having options custom-made will cost you thousands, and finding store-bought options that might work, will rarely fit just right, revealing a very unsightly finish to a well well-designed Interior designer Haley Weidenbaum wanted to solve this problem and create a seamless experience for buyers, without the extra costs. Recently launching Everhem, a custom window covering service, to do just that!

After being in the industry for over 10 years as an interior designer, Haley saw those window coverings were a pain point for nearly every client and there wasn’t an easy solution available in the market. Hence, instead of purchasing by the panel, Everhem offers a curated, streamlined product range and a simple step-by-step ordering system for designers and homeowners alike.

From drapery and hardware to roman shades and woven wood shades, Everhem lets clients customize their window coverings down to the last detail. The window coverings are made by hand in the USA and shipped to you within 14 business days. Everhem is solving a major pain point with their amazing platform and building an amazing company in the process. We spent some time with Haley discussing her new company and the incredible opportunity she is creating for all buyers alike. Read on to find out all about this unique offering!

Thank you Haley for spending some time with us. Everhem is such a unique new option in interior coverings. Tell us about your experience in the space. Why did you choose draperies and shades? Why do you believe draperies are trending and will continue to grow?

I’m an LA-based interior designer and over the past 8 years, I’ve helped design custom window treatments for virtually all of my clients. It had forever been my experience that the world of window coverings was scattered, confusing, out of date, and out of touch.

Despite the noise and confusion out there, I had to find the right fabrics and styles. In time, I created a signature style that worked seamlessly in a wide variety of homes.

However, I realized that without the help of a seasoned designer, the process of choosing window treatments must be next to impossible for the average person. Hence, I set out to make it easier for everyone, not just my clientele. Therefore, for the past year and a half, my husband (Adam) and I developed, designed, and launched Everhem. We offer drapery and hardware, Roman shades, and woven wood shades. Our options are extremely curated and simple. We chose these offerings because, from an aesthetics and style perspective, we believe these are elegant, yet understated window treatments for the modern home.

Courtesy of Everhem

Take us through the process of ordering custom draperies and shades. What is so unique about Everhem compared to other options? How do we ensure the right measurements? Do you have any partners that work with your team to help with this process?

At Everhem, we walk you through the process of designing and measuring your own custom window treatments tailored for your windows. Our product customizer holds your hand through every step. But if you have a question, there are supplemental video tutorials that should help. If that fails, we’re there to answer your questions in chat. If there are concerns about measurements, we’ll work with you to make sure we get it right. Whether it’s through sharing photos, creating custom renderings,, or facilitating professional measurements. Everything is custom made here in Los Angeles within 15 business days and shipped directly to your door complete with a comprehensive instruction manual and all necessary hardware components. We strongly recommend hiring a competent handyman or TaskRabbit to facilitate installation. But for the savvy weekend warrior, we do have helpful videos that walk the customer through the installation process as well.

For someone looking to upgrade their window treatments without an interior designer, what options do you have for helping someone choose the right options?

I’m an entrepreneur but I’m an interior designer first. So it was important to me, when we launched this company, to ensure that I was still providing sound interior design advice. That’s why our site has an ever-expanding blog section that skews heavily toward window treatment topics and questions.

We also have an inspiration gallery with various photos from my own interior design projects, to help show people what works well in different spaces. But we still get questions all the time from people who need help.

We work with them directly. Sometimes it’s a phone or FaceTime consultation. Sometimes we ask customers to send us pictures of their space. We will provide custom renderings to show them what our treatments could look like and make recommendations. Custom window treatments are an investment. So we feel it’s only fair that the customer has a real partner in that investment to mitigate the risk.

Courtesy of Everhem

Aside from window treatments, what other areas in interior design do you see needing a better process?

There are a lot of great companies out there that are fundamentally disrupting the interior design and home furnishings, like Parachute, Year & Day, Brooklinen. Pretty much any product that is currently sold brick and mortar and/or through middlemen. Any product that is sold in too many varieties with too many options warrants a hard look. When consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what it is they like and gravitating towards brands that understand their tastes and provide them easily and seamlessly.

How are you working with interior designers to create better window treatment options and ensure a seamless process for the client?

We pride ourselves on our robust Trade Program. As an interior designer myself, vendors that make my life easier are partners I continually return to, client after client. So when it comes to working with designers, the sky’s the limit. We offer advanced customization options. If a trade program designer wants a product we don’t offer on the website. We will work with them to make it. From motorized roller shades to top and bottom rod curtains for glass doors, we can make anything and make it well. We will work with COM (customer’s own material) for designers. And actively cultivate real relationships with designers and are in constant contact with them. We also offer 15% off for designers year year-round allow them to stack any current promotional discount.

Courtesy of Everhem

How do you see Everhem evolving for the future?

We firmly believe that the interior design community and their clientele are our early adopters and DIY enthusiasts with an eye for design will be our early majority. As we grow, we plan to add more products and styles. But we will always do so deliberately and with great care. But the best opportunity to bring this concept to everyone is to continue providing a high quality, beautifully designed product and spreading awareness. Window treatments are a considered purchase and people want to feel comfortable that they’re working with a trusted partner or else they’re not going to move forward. The best way to earn a customer’s trust is by earning the trust of their friends, family and neighbors. We are an online business to be sure, but we’re very much a word-of-mouth business as well.

To learn more about Everhem and order custom window coverings for your home, visit their website or find them on Instagram.

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