Grouting tile can be one of the most satisfying parts of laying a new floor. For one it brings you so much closer to seeing your new floor ready for its debut after so much time cutting and laying tile. However, this part of the process can also be the messiest and sometimes the most time-consuming. Especially when trying to sponge up the extra grout when the tile is small and close together. Well, we have a hack that will save you so much time and effort and create such a good finish that you’ll wish you would have used it on your last tile job. So here it goes…..

The First Stage

After laying a layer of grout with your float and removing as much of the excess grout as possible, before taking a wet sponge to the tile, it is time for the first part of this hack. DON’T USE A SPONGE TO REMOVE THE EXCESS GROUT! I know, I know, you’re probably ready to close the page and get back to work! But really, this is the first step! Instead, take a small amount of dry grout and sprinkler over the area that has been grouted, keeping most of it focused on the grout lines, once you have finished grouting with your float.

The Second Stage

Next, take a dry rag and rub the dry grout around the tiled area to remove the excess wet grout from the tile. Once you have done this for several minutes, you will be left with small piles of grout. Now sweep it up with a broom and dustpan. The second part of this hack is perhaps the best part. It helps to remove any excess grout and leave a beautiful shine to your new tile.

The Last Stage

Take a small bucket of moist sawdust and sprinkle over the area. Use your hands and a small broom to drag the sawdust around. It absorbs any extra grout and surface residue. Next, picks up the sawdust with a dustpan to leave a beautiful surface, with perfectly grouted lines. The beauty of using the sawdust instead of the sponge is that the sponge can often pull grout from the joints, leaving small grout pockets behind. Use this trick anytime you are doing your next tile project and you will see some AMAZING results!

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