Decorating small spaces can seem at times, uninteresting and limiting. But guess what? It’s so easy and all you need are these simple ideas to make a big impact. We wanted to get all of the best tips from the experts, which is why we tapped interior designers Ashley Clark, Raili Clasen, Berkeley Minkhorst, and Kelley Lentini, to share their best ideas for designing a small space. As it turns out, there are some really great options. Read on to find out more!

Bring in color

I love using wallpaper in a small space— on all four walls or just the ceiling! The wallpaper is great-but in this type of space, it is the BEST!!! – Ashley @shopskout

Courtesy of Ashley Clark

When an area is small, sometimes going bold with a moody paint color is just the thing. The opposite of what you might think if a dark paint color is used on the walls, ceiling, and trim it gives depth to a space instead of closing it in. Recently, we went with a dark blue for a client’s dining space, painting the walls, trim, and ceiling Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball. Not only did it give the area personality but created a striking cohesiveness that was just what the space needed. – Kelley and Berkeley @houseofnomaddesign

Courtesy of House of Nomad

Add one bold pop of color in just one area of the compact area. This could be a bright yellow light fixture in an all-white area or boldly printed tile in a small powder bath. – Raili @raili_ca_design

Courtesy of Raili Clasen

Make a statement on one wall

Go big on one wall in a small space- a big wall to wall, ceiling to floor mural, or even a hand-painted, giant word. You can also fill the entire space with art. You can call it your mini gallery and hang the art to fill in all the bland wall space. – Raili @raili_ca_design

Courtesy of Raili Clasen

Don’t go small with furniture

I think people are so afraid to use large pieces of furniture in a small space so they use only a tiny piece of furniture and it makes the space feel even smaller!!! Scale is so important in a small space- and using something oversized can totally work and be a huge statement! – Ashley @shopskout

Don’t always think of miniature-size furniture in a small space, think clean lines instead of bulky pieces. Stools or even poufs paired with a tray are great nightstand options if your space is small, as well. – Kelley and Berkeley @houseofnomaddesign

Courtesy of House of Nomad

One oversized light fixture in a small space is sometimes all the personality you need. – Raili @raili_ca_design

Courtesy of Raili Clasen

Ensure scale is just right

In a small space- scale is everything! I love to always try something unexpected by using something oversized (like a piece of art or found object), which can really be a game-changer!! – Ashley @shopskout

For scale, one important thing is to get your rug size right. Typically people go too small with their rug and it makes the room feel smaller. A rule of thumb is to allow for about a foot-and-a-half to two feet of the floor show. You don’t want much more than that unless you are layering rugs. – Kelley and Berkeley @houseofnomaddesign

Layer, layer, layer!

You know I love to layer— and a small space deserves the same attention to detail and the same amount of texture and layering as a larger space! – Ashley @shopskout

Courtesy of Ashley Clark
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