For Spanish designer Marta de la Rica, the fondness for decoration comes from the influence of her father, who aroused her interest in art and antiques. Marta loves the work of artisans who make wonderful things with simple and natural materials and has developed her craft by taking a deeply personal approach to design. With such a unique perspective on Spanish interiors, we had the opportunity to talk with Marta about her amazing studio and design philosophy.

We have to start by saying that Marta De La Rica Interiors is such an amazing studio! What is your unique approach to design?

Each client, and project, is different and personal. I have to understand what a client really wants, which is not always what they say they want. What I try to achieve is a good design, which truly respects practical needs while being beautiful.

Photography by Asier Rua Frade

Understanding the underlying desire of the client is an amazing trait. Take us through your creative process. How do you approach a space?

I first analyze the space in terms of location, dimensions, light, and history. All of these features, put together with the client’s needs, show the path of the project, which is approached from architecture, decoration, and functional point of view.

Photography by María Primo de Rivera

Amazing. When it comes to creating a home, what are your go to styling tips and combinations?

Lighting is key to highlighting decoration. Indirect and low lights (table and floor) make a space warm and cozy. Mixing gives character to a space. Using unique furniture pieces, fabrics, textures, and of course, making good use of color.

Photography by María Primo de Rivera

That is so true. What are some of your favorite under the radar decor brands and some of your favorite materials to use?

I love natural materials: stone, wood, ceramics, metal. The shapes, patinas, and combinations are endless. In my projects, I almost always use fabrics that give interior coziness and quality. There are so many brands that I love from Pierre Frey to Lewis and Wood, and C&C Milano.

Photography by Asier Rua Frade

Those are such great options. When it comes to colors, textures, and materials, what do you see taking over the home in 2020?

I find trends fun, but I am not a huge believer or follower. The best projects remain to be great projects despite the passage of time. 

That is very true. When it comes to your approach to projects, how does it differ between commercial and residential spaces?

Residential projects require even more psychology, as you are literally getting into a person’s most intimate space, their home. In commercial projects, understanding the nature of the business is key.

Photography by Asier Rua Frade

Perfect. What is your “Golden Rule” for timeless living spaces?

Keep it personal.

Photography by Asier Rua Frade

We couldn’t agree more. What other designers, artisans, or creatives are you inspired by?

Artisans are key in my projects and always an inspiration. They have a knowledge of their trade and ability that will achieve fantastic results. I admire many designers such as Jacques Grange, India Mahdavi, Kelly Weastler, and others now gone with timeless designs such as Jaime Parlade, Duarte Pinto Coelho, Bill Willis, Mongiardino.

What amazing talent! Thank you Marta for sharing such inspiring thoughts with us.

To find out more about Marta and her unique style, please visit her website and Instagram profile

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