Despite years working with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Ryan McPartlin has always remained grounded, crediting his wife Danielle and his family for helping him maintain that perfect balance. With so many great accomplishments under his belt including roles on “Chuck”, “Hunter Killer”, and his current series, “L.A.’s Finest” with Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union, Ryan knows what it means to keep things balanced while maintaining a successful career in Hollywood. We had the privilege of discussing his go to strategies that keep him grounded at home.

Thank you Ryan for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us. Can you share what your approach is for keeping things organized at home as a busy actor, father, and husband?

Truthfully, I don’t have any strategies for keeping things organized at home. I’ll get on top of everything at once and get really organized by cleaning out closets, garages and drawers but then inevitably it all fills up with clutter. The fact that we live in a relatively small house forces us to spend weekends clearing out the clutter and figuring out what to save and what to get rid of. 

I think we can all relate to that. With such an amazing career, working on so many great projects, it can be hard to stay balanced at home. How has family kept you grounded while working in film and television?

When I’m on set working, my only concern is doing my job and playing the character. Everything else is done for you…the cooking, cleaning, wardrobe, makeup. You really don’t have to worry about anything except staying focused on your one task. When I come home, my family doesn’t care that I’m an actor. The trash needs to be taken out, the kids have to get their homework done and to school on time. It’s not about me anymore which is what I’ve always wanted. My family is about something bigger than myself. 

That’s awesome! Keeping that in mind, really helps keep things in perspective. What are some of your best memories from the projects you have worked on?

The best memories I have from the projects I’ve worked on always has to do with spontaneous laughter or spontaneous tears. Laughter through tears is my favorite. On the show Chuck, I held up production because I had a laughing fit anytime Josh Gomez (Morgan) looked at me during the scene. I just did the same thing on my Lifetime Christmas movie, Twinkle All The Way. It probably cost production a lot of money but man those giggles really release a lot of pressure. 

Laughter is the best medicine! What are the biggest things you’ve learned from your family?

I’ve learned that you shouldn’t take time for granted. The days can be long but the years are short. Make time to put the phones down, unplug from the outside world and take time to connect with each other. Something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood helps the whole family open up and talk about whatever is on their mind. It’s really important. 

Really great advice! Resetting after a long day is so crucial to staying connected with each other, especially since we are so plugged in to our phones. How do you keep a good work life balance?

My wife Danielle makes sure we have balance. Sometimes I’ll have to leave and work for weeks at a time away from home. Without her support and organization, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. She keeps the train on the track. 

Couldn’t agree more! Finally, what are you most grateful for? 

I have so much to be grateful for and family is top of the list but I’m also grateful that I get to work in a profession that is also a passion. 

Well said! Thanks again Ryan for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share some really valuable tips with us! Be sure to find Ryan on L.A.’s Finest this fall!

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