Michele Vig spent two decades as an executive in corporate America before realizing her passion was helping others transform their lives through better organization. She founded Neat Little Nest, believing that systems are the key to having a more organized home. Michele was gracious enough to share some of her amazing thoughts on how to create those systems in your home and live a more organized life.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us Michele. Tell us about Neat Little Nest. How did you get started? What have you learned that you never thought you would after leaving the corporate world?

Neat Little Nest was born out of my lifelong passion to create beautifully designed and organized spaces. After spending two decades in corporate America as an executive, I left in 2017, to fulfill my dream of entrepreneurship. Neat Little Nest’s mission allows me to be a resource in helping transform lives by creating an organized home for people. By sifting through life’s clutter, I help people reconnect with the things that bring them joy and joyfully discard the things that don’t. What I’ve learned is that you can’t underestimate the power of following your passion to help fulfill the call of your soul.

I think your unique background in corporate America, developing systems and managing teams, has provided your clients with a really unique opportunity to organize their life better! What is the number one thing you tell all your clients to do to stay organized and what is the number one challenge you see everyone face when trying to get organized?

What I will tell my clients, and anyone who will listen really is that the key to being organized, is this: Keep only what you love and need (simplify), create a home for those things (system), and put them back when you’re finished (routine).

Such simple and straightforward advice that we often forget. When it comes to staying organized while raising kids, what are your top 4 tips?

  • Create systems – Creating organizational systems for kids that are easy for them to use, is key to them keeping their spaces tidy.
  • System for sentimental is essential – Kids make a lot of things when they are young that parents want to keep. Having a place where those items go is essential, as all of the art and other accomplishments can easily become a never-ending pile of clutter if it doesn’t have a place to go.
  • Hold kids accountable – Teaching kids, when they are very young, to be responsible for their things, is an important life lesson and requires practice. Holding kids accountable to put their things away when they are done using them is essential. It also requires parents to do the same.
  • Declutter often – It’s essential to declutter kid’s items often. Kids outgrow clothing and toys quickly and if parents are not diligent in consistently decluttering their kids items, they can end up with a mountain of no longer needed items.

Those are really good tips, because we often forget how many things kids create that we like to keep. What are some of your go to products to use for better organization? 

Awesome! When it comes to being more productive, what are your 3 favorite productivity hacks?

  • Bullet Journal w/Planning Routines – Keeping everything you have to do in one spot, is a massive time-saver. For me, I’ve found the bullet journal to be that answer. Creating daily, weekly, and monthly planning rituals keeps me focused and on the path to completing what I need to get done.
  • Time Blocking – Setting aside dedicated time on my calendar to complete tasks and then focusing one by one to get them done, is a productivity booster for certain.
  • Weekly reset – Each week, my family and I do a weekly reset. We review our calendars, we plan meals, and we put everything in the house, that is not in its “home” back, so we start Monday fresh and ready-to-go!

The weekly reset hack is awesome. That is probably one of the best ideas I’ve heard of. I think it really helps everyone get back on the same page before a new week starts. For those that aren’t ready to hire a professional organizer or are starting to struggle with organization, what are the 3 things you would recommend for a more organized life?

  • Curate rather than accumulate – Be mindful about what you’re purchasing and bringing into your space. Think less, but better.
  • Put things away after you use them – Super simple, but not always easy. This is the key to a tidy home.
  • Daily + weekly planning – The biggest unlock to a more organized life is getting a handle on managing your time.

These are such simple tips that we often overlook or forget to do. Why do you believe organization helps make a house a home?

The organization doesn’t actually make a house a home, it just allows a household to run more efficiently, which provides families with more free time to do things they want to do, and have more money, as they are not wasting it buying things they already have.

You’re absolutely right. It allows you to make the top of the funnel more efficient, so you can focus on all the other things that complete a home. Marie Kondo has brought so much awareness to the organizing industry recently. What organizing trends are you loving and what trends will get bigger?

New colors in the organization. This fall had a huge influx of charcoal and black translucent products so you can use organizing as a final design element in home décor.

Awesome! Thank you so much Michele for such valuable tips and insight.

For more on Michele and her services, please visit her Instagram profile and website.

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