Ashley Clark is an amazing interior designer. Having started with a love for pillows and textiles, she created her firm Skout, after helping her friends with their interior design needs and quickly rose to become one of the top interior designers, featured in Domino, HGTV, and more. We talked with Ashley to learn a little more about Skout, her design process, and all things home.

Tell Us About Skout, Ashley. How Did You Get Started And What Is Behind The Name?

Skout really started out due to my obsessions with textiles and pillows!!!  I love, love, love all things vintage and just any amazing textiles, so I thought it would be fun to make pillows. I did not plan or think about interior design, but my friend would ask me for help and one thing just led to another and people were asking for me to help them with more than just pillows! The name Skout came about because I was always “scouting” to find new sources and find new things.

Skout Design, Photo by Ryan Garvin

Where Do You Get Your Design Inspiration, And What Is Your Process Like From Concept To Completion?

Oh man, so lucky to live in Southern California and be surrounded by just so much design inspiration!! There are just so many incredible stores, restaurants, hotels, just beautiful places all around me!!! As far as my process goes, we always start with inspiration. We like to create a book or Pinterest board for each project and just start pinning/collecting images.  We find that by doing that with our clients we start to see similar pics/vibes and then it is so much easier to stay on track.

Skout Design, Photo by Ryan Garvin

What Are A Few Projects You Really Enjoyed?

That is a tough one — we love all of our projects:) But yes there are some super special ones that have been so much fun to work on. We love working along with our clients and getting to know them and their families — creating custom and personal things is so important to us and we really, really strive to NOT over-design. We LOVE kid’s rooms — that is always one of our favorite things to design. We really are so lucky to have the best and nicest clients that trust us to create and design spaces in their homes.

Skout Design, Photo by Ryan Garvin

What Other Designers/Architects/Creative People Are You Inspired By At The Moment Ashley?

So much talent — it is incredible just how many talented people are all around!!! I love Erin Martin – Diane Keaton – Leann FordChango & CoRaili ClasenKelly Nutt

Skout Design, Photo by Ryan Garvin

What Are Your Tips For Making A House A Home?

You know when you go to someone’s house and it just feels like a big hug — that is my favorite!!! I think the most important thing is to make it personal — include art and accessories and things that are meaningful to you and your family. I also believe that every single home needs a little bit of vintage!!! Just adds so much character!

Skout Design, Photo by Ryan Garvin

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Brands To Work With For Materials And Furnishings? 

We love leather, wood, and linen!! We love slip covers – we love white/black – we love texture – we love anything vintage!!
Brands — we love School House ElectricTriple SevenCedar & MossCirca LightingCB2AnthropologieUrban Outfitters

Skout Design, Photo by Ryan Garvin

Where Do You See Skout In 3 Years?

I’d be super happy to be working with my amazing team with amazing clients to create their dream homes! I’d also love to build the Skout brand and be able to offer our own line of products. I’d love to be collaborating more with other designers and maybe working on a restaurant or commercial project. Book – Tv – who knows — would be fun to do it all!!! 

Skout Design, Photo by Ryan Garvin

What Are Three Tips You Would Tell Clients When Considering Starting An Interior Project?

  • Do NOT over think!!
  • Hire an interior designer:)
  • Enjoy the process!
Skout Design, Photo by Ryan Garvin
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